Customs Brokerage

Whilst Tielman Pty Ltd is not a licensed customs broker, we do provide a customs clearance service.
We handle on behalf of our client thru a 3rd party licensed customs broker, clearance for all types of goods.
Ensuring they clear customs efficiently without attracting unnecessary fees or tariffs.
We are able to provide a detailed break down of costs related to your imported goods.

Modules as part of our customs clearance service are listed below and provide a comprehensive overview as part of a complete global transportation service.

  • Dealing with Licensed Customs Brokers and AQIS accredited
  • Ability to provide Landed Costings
  • Ability to provide trade advice
  • Handle any Refunds and Drawbacks
  • Advice on By-law and Tariff concession

Please feel free to contact us if you, as our client, require any further information on any customs clearance matter related to your products..