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At Tielman Pty Ltd, a small but ambitious freight forwarding and logistics enterprise, we like to think creatively, tailor-made solutions without being impeded by conventional thinking or orthodox constraints. At Tielman Pty Ltd we  encourage to look for solutions from outside our usual thinking patterns as at times we must step back to find a solution to a challenge .

At Tielman Pty Ltd we like to keep things simple.

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Snail’s escape attempt thwarted

A snail the size of a cricket ball with the potential to devastate Australian agriculture was apprehended by a staff member at Brisbane container terminal earlier this week. Click to Read


Subject: Joint investigation results in Australia’s largest recorded Ice seizure

The Joint Organised Crime Group (JOCG) has seized 585 kilograms of methamphetamine (Ice) worth up to $438 million and arrested three people in relation to the record haul.. Click to Read